Exercise Rehab

Did you know that Strengthening exercises are the most effective way to fix a pain?

The biggest cause of pain in the body is a force that has overloaded the body’s ability to handle that force.

Whether it’s the accumulated load on your neck or back from sitting all day, the load on your shins when you run, or the load placed on your shoulder when you lift things at work, it’s this overload that is the biggest cause of pain and injury in the modern world.

So as well as providing smart ways to change your habits and routines to reduce these loads, at Livfit Physio we assess the strength of your injured body part, and using our expert knowledge of exercise prescription, draw on a database of thousands of exercises to give you the exact exercises you need to fix your overload issue.

Why see a Livfit Physio for a Strengthening Program?

At Livfit Physio, our Physiotherapists are University trained in understanding injuries, the muscular system and the best way to strengthen both.

As opposed to seeing a Personal Trainer or Exercise Physiologist, when you see a Livfit Physio, because we understand injuries, we know how to strengthen an injured body part effectively and just as importantly – safely.

Your Livfit Physio will build an individually tailored exercise program that suits you. So whether you want to do the exercises at home, at a gym, or anywhere else, your Livfit Physio will tailor an effective program for you. If you need certain gym equipment, our clinics have built relationships with local gyms that mean you get a better price for an appropriate membership. Our gyms look after us, so we can look after you.

We use world-class exercise prescription software called Physitrak. This means you’ll get your program on your phone or laptop, with very clear and easy to understand written and video instructions. This way, you can ensure you’re not just doing the right exercises that have been prescribed to you, you’re doing the right exercises the right way.

Our exercise software also has great little reminders, notifications and prompts to help you fit your exercises into your busy schedule.

Want extra Value from your Exercise Rehab Program?

At Livfit Physio, when we prescribe you your exercise program, we don’t have blinkers on. We don’t just give you exercises to strengthen the injured body part, we give exercises what the other weaknesses we see in your body.

This is important not just to unload and rehab the injured body part, it’s very effective for preventing other injuries. So not only will you rehab your injury to prevent it from coming back, you are preventing other injuries at the same time!

And we don’t stop there. We consider your whole body, your lifestyle and your goals. We can write Exercise Programs to help you get fitter, lift more, run faster and lose weight. Because you aren’t just an injury to us – you are someone who wants to run a marathon, push yourself at work without fear of injury, or getting fitter and healthier to enjoy life! Did someone mention Liv your best life?