Supporting you to Liv happy, healthy and active through holistic physiotherapy, health and fitness services.

At LivFit Physio Kew our mission is to help improve the lifelong health and wellbeing of our clients, local community and ultimately all of Melbourne.

We do this by providing empowering, holistic, evidence-based healthcare that not only addresses your symptoms but also the root cause of your issue through accurate assessment, hands on treatment and exercise.

A physiotherapy service that is both personal and local.

Having previously owned thriving clinics in Australia’s largest Physio group, and working together for many years, LivFit Physio co-founders Nathan and Simon wanted to branch out and utilise the expertise they’d learnt over a combined 40 years in the physiotherapy industry to build a physiotherapy service that was both cutting edge but also personal and local.

With a shared passion for improving the health and happiness of their local community, Simon and Nathan joined forces to create LivFit Physio. A holistic physiotherapy, health and fitness offering that allows the LivFit Physio team to genuinely connect with their clients. Because health care should be personal – it’s about people after all!

How we can help you to LivFit

At LivFit Physio Kew we help you to not just Liv Pain Free, but to look after your body so that you can Liv Healthy, Liv Active and Liv Your Best Life.

Whether that means working to your full potential, playing sport or exercising without limitations; or being able to socialise and enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

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We aim to not only provide pain relief but so much more:

We support you to truly understand the cause of your issue.

We identify the stress or load that’s causing your pain and remove it.

We use hands-on treatment to desensitise your injured body part and get it moving properly again.

We offer exercise to improve muscle memory and strength, to reduce the likelihood of the problem happening again.

We coach you to improve your overall physical strength and vitality, to prevent future injuries and optimise your health.

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We use empowering, holistic, evidence-based care to manage your injury.

To successfully deal with a pain or injury, a holistic approach is needed. The benefit to you – we prevent future injuries and improve overall health and wellbeing at the same time.

At LivFit Physio Kew we do this by empowering you to fix your injury. Identifying and improving other  weaknesses, postural issues or movement restrictions you may have to help prevent future injuries. All while teaching you beneficial health and wellness principals.

We’re focussed on providing a real-world relevant diagnosis that is personal to you.

Central to our management process is identifying what’s important to you. This is key to a real-world and relevant diagnosis. For example: you don’t have a lumbar disc bulge, that’s just the medical diagnosis.

What you have is a weakness or overload in your back that is causing pain and stopping you from driving to see your mum, playing on the floor with your kids or grandkids, or going to the gym and losing those stubborn winter kgs. A real-world and relevant diagnosis that is personal to you.

That’s why, at LivFit Physio Kew we don’t just help get rid of a pain. We’re dedicated to finding out what’s important to you. Enabling us to put together a tailored health and fitness plan that helps you get back to running to play with the kids, competing in that Grand Final, or getting back to work and paying the bills!

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Simon has over 20 years of Physiotherapy experience, having worked in a range of private Physio clinics, major tertiary hospitals and spending 2 years training and working in the UK. After working in London for 2 years, he moved back to Melbourne in 2008 where he built one of Melbourne’s busiest physiotherapy practices in Blackburn. He subsequently sold this practice in 2022 and started up LivFit Kew.

Whilst developing a broad skill set during his time as a Physiotherapist, Simon has gained particular interest in the treatment of running injuries along with the management of neck and lower back pain. His ‘Physio Philosophy’ focuses on empowering each patient to understand and gain long-term resolution of their symptoms through high level functional rehabilitation whilst also using a range of specialised techniques to help give quick and effective pain relief.

Simon has been a Kew local for nearly 15 after growing up in country Victoria. He runs for Old Xaverians running club, his kids go to Kew Primary School and play football and basketball for Kew Comets the Titans and he is constantly amazed by how many Kew people his wife Amy knows! He loves and values family, friends and living a healthy and fun life. He is a proud dad to 3 girls and his interests include running, gym, social tennis and golf, travel and following the great Carlton Football Club. He knows he should read more, gets frustrated at not being better at crosswords but is proud of his ever-growing Wordle streak!

Simon Holt
Co-Founder & Physiotherapist

Our Philosophy

Client Empowerment

As well as relieving your pain with hands-on Physiotherapy, we teach you to self-treat, stretch, and understand your body. We don’t just treat you, we empower you.

Clinical Excellence

We follow the research and the science of the body, adapting, advancing, and evolving our therapies with new information as it’s discovered. We do what works to help you move and feel better.

Care and Empathy

We take the time and effort to understand what you need, why you need it, and how you want to achieve it. We tailor our approach to suit you – you are in control.


At LivFit Physio Kew, we are proud to have built strong relationships with many local GP’s, surgeons and health specialists in the Eastern Suburbs over the past 15 years of physiotherapy practice.

Our Director Simon is a Kew local after relocating from country Victoria 20 years ago. He runs for Old Xaverians running club, his kids go to the local primary school and play football and basketball for local clubs and he is constantly amazed by how many Kew people his wife knows in the community!